“I was very pleased after my first visit to Elena’s dogie daycare for small dogs upon competing the five hour personalized sessions in our home with Elena and we like the fact that all dogs that are in her home have taken the program as well.

My puppy was somewhat anxious but when I picked her up, she was relaxed and had interacted with other dogs. Elena was very kind and patient with Molly.

Elena even made me feel comfortable by sending me a video of molly playing with a dog.  Looking forward to our next visit.” Joan Kincaid

“Our vet recommended Elena’s Adorable Pets program to us and we are very glad that he did. Elena’s program is the best pet training program and I recommend it to every dog owner. We’ve compared our dog training experience to the training experience of other dog owners and we are much better educated and equipped to be the best doggie parents to our puppy, Phoebe. Many people have commented on how well behaved our dog is and how well our 6 year old daughter manages our dog. Elena’s passion and knowledge in dog behavior is reflected in her training program because her tools and techniques work.We are first time dog owners and the amount of knowledge gained through her program has given us the best tools and techniques needed as our puppy grows. One of the many great things about her program is that it is done in your home where she can assess the environment and train the dog on your home turf with the entire family and the training program can be customized to suit your needs. We have an 18-year-old cat and Elena has also provided us with tools needed to help our fur babies get along. “

Our puppy is also in Elena’s Adorable Pets doggie daycare, which reinforces all the training our Phoebe has learned while she is getting socialized to accelerate her development in a positive manner. She is always reachable if we have any questions. It’s been a great pleasure to know Elena and we are grateful that she has been instrumental in helping us become the best dog owners.”

“Dear Elena, We wanted to thank you for your amazing help with our Archie, an 8-week-old mini schnauzer puppy who arrived at our home earlier this year. You had an amazing way of cutting through the complexity of puppy upbringing to highlight the techniques that works. We are happy to report that 8 weeks later. Archie is doing such a great job learning. We got through “no biting”, and worked through the basic commands (which we are now building on). And Archie just loves his doggie day care dates at your house and comes home happy and exhausted. Thank you so much for your help raising Archie. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Elena has a wonderful program. I contacted her to help with our dog (Schneagle), and her aggression with other dogs. We completed the 5 week program and we are now part of her doggie day care. Shelby loves to go there and feels very comfortable with Elena and the other dogs in the group. She is finally starting to “play” with other dogs. Yay!”

“We have been bringing our dogs to the Adorable Pets Doggy Daycare for some time now.  Prior to that we took the 5-week Dog-training program with them. Our dogs are getting some much needed, socialization with other small dogs.   With Elena, they behave very well with the other dogs that they have met there.  They are getting additional training, and playtime which is all very important as well. It is a warm, dog-loving environment.  As an added bonus, dogs are very tired when they are picked up, so I know they’ve had a lot of exercise too!”

“Our miniature bulldog “Popsy” has been going to day care with Elena for a number of years now. As a result of her exposure to a variety of other small dogs she has become a very well-adjusted little animal and enjoys the time she spends in day care. Elena provides a loving and safe environment for the dogs along with exercise and discipline. I have no hesitation in recommending Elena’s day care for small dogs.”

“Mocha, and Benito have been going to adorable pets doggy day care every Wednesday, for years. It is the highlight of their week – the dogs are eager to arrive, and reluctant to leave. They adore Elena. Each dog has their favorite place to hang out, and thing do to. Mocha loves playing with the ball, and snoozing on the couch. Benito loves cuddling, and exploring the yard. Safety is really important to us.  Elena watches the dogs very carefully, and makes sure they play safely.  Since our dogs have teeth issues, and delicate stomachs, Elena makes sure they eat a prescribed food, and don’t chew hard toys.  Doggy day care has been great fun, for our dogs.”