Our Philosophy

Elena’s love, and understanding of dogs ensures that your family member will be treated16
as one of her own.

We base our environment on mutual love, and respect, for those souls that have no voice.

Elena’s extensive experience with training dogs will give you peace of mind knowing that dogs
in her home must respect each other, and play in a safe, and gentle manner.


What things are necessary to provide a healthy life for your dog? Most owners would answer nutrition, regular vaccinations, parasite control, and regular veterinary exams and most of all Love. Socialization is key to the overall wellness and health of dogs.

 Poorly socialized dogs are fearful of unusual or new circumstances.

Owners of poorly socialized dogs are often reluctant to provide their dogs with exercise. This is especially true for any breed of dogs that could get away from their owners to engage another dog. Such “altercations” could actually end up costing owners of poorly socialized dogs’ large veterinary bills from the owners of “victim” dogs. By limiting walks, runs, socialization, training of their brain, or other forms of rigorous exercise the proper thinking toys, poorly socialized dogs are at increased risk of health conditions associated with being overweight or obese.

This is why we at ” Adorable Pets” Dogie Day Care Training” offer one day a week of intense training for five hours on Mondays in continuation of our program and much more for small dogs under twenty pounds.


Play, and learn in LOVE!